Martin Professional

Mac 250
Mac 700 Wash
Mac 700 Profile
Mac Viper DX Wash
Mac Viper Profile
Mac Viper Performance
Mac Aura
Atomic 3000

Clay Paky



Selecon Chorus 1.2kw
Selecon Performer 1.2kw MSR
Robert Juliat Merlin 2.5kw HMI
Showquip Truss Chairs

LED Products

LED Sphere 500mm
Litecraft QUAD par (RGBW)
Dreampix Tubes
EK 36 Floods (RGBW)
EK Collider FC Strobes
LED Profile FC
LED Profile HP
James Thomas Pixel Par
Proshop Truss Mate
Proshop Hex Bar (RGBAW – UV)
Proshop Fusion Bar
Proshop Fusion Par
Proshop Apollo Battery LED Uplight

Philips Selecon

Pacific 5.5°-13°
Pacific 12°-28°
Pacific 23°-50°
Pacific 45°-75°
Pacific 90°
650w Fresnel
1200w Fresnel
2000w Fresnel
2500w Fresnel
650w PC
1200w PC
2000w PC
Cyc’s – single, 3 + 4 way (Top + Bottom row)

Smoke Machines & Haze

Smoke – G300, ZR33, Magnum 1800, Magnum 1200
Haze – DF50, Jem 24/7, MDG Hazer (co2), Unique 2.1 Hazer


Pars – 16,36,56,64 (Silver & Black)
Molefay – 2,4,8 way


Fibre/Ethernet Snakes
GrandMA Fullsize
GrandMA2 Lite
GrandMA2 Command Wing
GrandMA2 NPU
ETC ION + Wing
Avolites Tiger
Avolites Pearl Expert
Strand – ML. LBX, 520i
Theatrelight – 12ch to 48ch

Dimmer & Distribution

48way Avolites Touring Rack
48way Theatrelight Rack
12 to 36 channel Dimmer Racks

Truss & Motors

300mm Global Box Truss: 1m–3m sections (Chrome + Black)
Corners, cubes, hinges for above
Stacking Truss: 1.2m + 2.4m (Black)
Stacking Truss 4 way Corners
380mm Tri Truss: 1.2m + 2.4m (Chrome + Black)
Motors: ½ tonne and 1 tonne
Motor Control; 2 to 24 way

We pride ourselves on having the best equipment available. This is achieved by the meticulous care we take of our equipment; because we know how important reliable equipment is to the success of your event. We inspect and test our equipment after each use, in accordance with the relevant AS/NZS Standards, to ensure continued safety and reliability.

And, while ensuring all current equipment is meticulously maintained, we also ensure we are up to date by continuing to invest in the latest innovative equipment available from the world’s leading manufacturers.

New Zealand’s leading supplier of theatre and event lighting